About Tina D'Elia Consulting

Tina D’Elia teaches acting techniques and performance training to help bring out the best in you as a public speaker and professional actor. Tina D’Elia started teaching on-camera acting castings following the casting work she was doing working with thousands of actors in the audition process while working as a Casting Associate for Nina Henninger Casting.  Tina D'Elia was honored to receive the "One Love Diversity Casting" award from the Equality International Film Festival on October 15th, 201 (Emeryville, CA) for diverse and inclusive casting of people of color, LGBTQ/GNC, and people with disabilities. 

Tina has worked as a professional actor for over twenty years in theater/film/television/commercials and was has been a Media Spokesperson in her previous years of non-profit work.  In on-camera acting classes we practice and learn on-camera technique, improvisation, cold read, and scene study.  Tina D’Elia’s phrase “It’s a good day” is about combining Alexander Technique and high performance communication to bring out the best in all of us when we speak.

In high performance communication situations having tools to help us center, ground, and communicate with confidence and ease is necessary and key in public speaking. In this public speaking workshops, we practice public speaking while applying the tools we are learning in this workshop.  To schedule a consultation session or presentation please call or send a message by visiting the contact page.