Tina D'Elia Consulting offers a full range of services for actors and business professionals looking to strengthen their public speaking skills and on-camera abilities. Tina D'Elia offers coaching, classes, and casting services for professionals working in film, TV, video, commercials, and the corporate world.


Let Your Best Shine Through

Certain markets can be competitive—such as marketing and advertising, filmmaking, producing, online sales, acting, or public relations. Video appearances are also becoming a staple of most advertising efforts. You simply may not have time to rehearse and practice 10-20 hours a week, or know how to engage an audience or pitch a great product. I provide strategies for tackling even the most demanding project or industry, working closely with you to bring out your very best!


Learn Valuable Skills

Would you rather lock yourself in a room than face a film or video camera? Or, are you looking to boost your comfort level with a media presentation? These fears and anxieties of public speaking are common. The skills I teach to combat these fears are ones you’ll use for years to come. They’re invaluable in any situation where clear, poised, and focused communication is key.


Enjoy the Process

Public speaking can be daunting, even anxiety provoking. The exercises I use are specifically designed to put you at ease, teach you valuable skills, and allow you to have fun!


Enhance Your Strengths

Anyone who engages in public speaking or presents themselves to an audience can benefit from acting coaching. Cold feet be gone! Whether you’re a CEO or a first-time actor hitting the audition circuit, I’ll bring out the best in you. I instruct a broad and diverse clientele.



Individual Coaching & Workhops


Individual Consultations

Individual coaching sessions to improve public speaking and communication for business professionals.

Public Speaking Workshops

Acting techniques and performance training to help bring out the best in you as a public speaker.

Acting ClasseS

Acting classes for screen and television actors at all levels. Learn what casting directors look for from talent!




Casting services are offered for union, non-union film, theater, video, live performance, industrials, commercials, and web series. Tina’s casting services have benefited actors, comedians, directors, and producers. Past projects have included music videos, narrative shorts, documentaries, and corporate industrial videos.