Public Speaking Workshops


Public Speaking Workshop with Tina D'Elia Consulting

Tina D'Elia consulting utilizes acting techniques and performance training to help bring out the best in you as a public speaker.

In high performance communication situations, having tools to help you perform with grace and confidence is imperative. In this workshop you will practice public speaking and apply innovative tools designed to enhance your presentations.


Tina D'Elia Consulting has facilitated public speaking workshops in a variety of venues, including: law firms, colleges, non-profits, and other public spaces.

Following is a list of sample clients:

  • Berkeley University Law School
  • Minority Counsel Program, San Francisco
  • SF LGBT Community Center, Job Club
  • SF LGBT Community Center, Small Business Group
  • California Youth Connection/Y.O.U.T.H. Training Project
  • Attorney Action Club, San Francisco

Gift Certificate

Tina D'Elia Consulting is here to bring out the Authentic Public Speaker in you! Whether you are speaking live, on-camera, or booking your next speaking engagement. Performance Coach, Tina D'Elia, will help you nail your high performance communication!

Gift Certificates for Business Professionals.
One-Hour Session: $115.00 | Expires 1/1/2018

“I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Tina during a workshop for our Business Funding Factory series. Her performance training on public speaking and storytelling really resonated with our entrepreneurs. I look forward to making her a permanent fixture in our small business workshop series.”
— Nicholas Wolff, Director of Economic Development and Business Services at Andersonville Chamber of Commerce
“I’m a lawyer, and I do a lot of public and persuasive speaking, Tina’s authentic self workshop, helped me develop strategies to bring more of my real presence into those roles—-and I left feeling much more effective as a speaker. Thanks Tina!”
— Carol Igoe, Attorney
“Tina D’Elia’s workshop “The Authentic You” challenged me to speak in front of a group in a new way. I experienced speaking about my work from my heart and being grounded in my body, rather than being in a “presenting” mode, where I sometimes don’t feel authentic. Tina’s coaching is positive, encouraging and invites you to speak from a true and honest place. We learned that by doing this, our audience is more engaged, interested and the outcome is more successful. I would definitely recommend this workshop, especially if you are shy. Tina is kind and has the perfect balance of knowing when to push you past a comfort zone and when to hold back.”
— Alice Moore, Small Business Owner