Tina did an amazing job tailoring her coaching to my needs. She immediately put me at ease and provided very practical and effective techniques. In just a couple of sessions, she helped take my transform my somewhat “dry” presentation and really make it sing. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Dr. Tauheed Zaman Professional Coaching Consultation, 2016
Tina D’Elia is a truly caring person a power speaker, she is able to gently pull the best out of you. Her Authentic You workshop helped me greatly in my recovery after personal trauma. It helped me re-discover that I had talent and sense of worth. She truly cares, and these workshops are a wonder. A great service to the community, If you need a booster to help you find a job, recover from loss, or find empowerment from within yourself - she can help bring it out. Truly wonderful. Thank you Tina!
— Marissa Carter Workshop Participant, March 26, 2014
The Authentic You” Workshop by Tina D’Elia: Her techniques on how to overcome our fears and self sabotage are lessons that we can carry throughout our lives, she empowers us to be true to ourselves without compromise. She also uses humor as a powerful tool to lighten the heart. She’s fantastic, something you must experience live to believe.
— Bert Guevara Workshop Participant at “The Authentic You!”, July 30, 2014
I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Tina during a workshop for our Business Funding Factory series. Her performance training on public speaking and storytelling really resonated with our entrepreneurs. I look forward to making her a permanent fixture in our small business workshop series.
— Nicholas Wolff Re-order Manager of Small Business Services San Francisco LGBT Community Center
Tina D’Elia’s techniques were fab! Her energy and guidance were excellent. Her ability to make the audience feel welcomed, loved, present, and heard.
— Nadima Azeez Workshop Participant, at “The Authentic You!”, July 7, 2014
Tina presence and compassionate speaks for themselves. I immediately felt a connection with in a room full of entrepreneurs during a business networking event. She is very approachable and she really listens to what you say. Her workshops are a fun way to mix up dull work weeks and practice improve speaking skills in front of a group of people that you don’t know.
— David Senk D/style
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tina D’Elia as my Casting Assistant since December 2010. She is enthusiastic and hard working and enjoys working with actors, casting talent, and assisting with auditions. Tina possesses a positive personality, strong acting instincts, and has a natural ability to help actors feel supported in the auditioning process and encouraged. I would highly recommend Tina to anyone looking for casting support or coaching in their creative process.
— Nina Henninger Nina Henninger Casting C.S.A.
I had the opportunity to co-facilitate several different workshops with Tina D’Elia. Tina wrote the content of her workshops and then led and presented her exercises. It goes without saying, Tina has a grasp on how to connect with people as well as help them be more self aware. Tina’s background in acting and consulting really shine through when formulating her workshop content. Her connection to her audience is focused and interactive which lends a unique “twist” to her presentations. I found myself forgetting that I was in a workshop because her exercises were not only informative, but entertaining as well.

I look forward to working with Tina again. Tina was an absolute delight to work with and her audience always has a lot to take away.
— Margo Harrison Employment Services Specialist The LGBT Center
I highly recommend coaching from Tina D’Elia. She works to bring out your best, most brilliant self. By working with Tina, I gained self-confidence and a stronger, authentic voice, along with practical performance skills that I can bring with me anywhere.
— Celeste Chan Writer, Performer, Event Producer
I very highly recommend Tina D’Elia as a Consulting and her Performance Training for Business Professionals! Tina is an exceptionally talented consultant, offering wonderful passion, insight, and abilities! In my experience, Tina is very gifted, was exceptional with my staff, and offered us a wide variety of project leadership on our internal goals and initiatives. I very, very highly recommend the work of Tina. Her skills and ethics are absolutely impeccable!
— Isaac Woodrow Schild CEO & Founder at Scion Technical Staffing
Tina D’Elia is brilliant! Her coaching skills are incredible, she is full of knowledge, her exercises are practical and yield immediate results. I highly recommend her!
— Madeleine Lim Executive Director Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project 2008 Best of the Bay Winner!
I cannot recommend Tina highly enough! She is exceptionally skilled, dedicated, insightful, warm, and supportive. I have known Tina since 2004 (when I began volunteering at CUAV) – she is a passionate community leader who truly works to bring out the best in people. More recently, I had the honor of working with her as a consultant. Her coaching and creative feedback were invaluable to our production company, and she was absolutely delightful to work with.

— Celeste Chan Co-Creator/Producer of "Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance"
I first met Tina while working as a youth intern at Community United Against Violence. She was always extremely warm, available and encouraging. She took the interns seriously, which I appreciated on many levels, being new to the Bay. I remember Tina helping coach me for a queer youth spoken word audition on her lunch break, and many moments like this.

Recently I was very lucky to win a free 20-minute telephone coaching with Tina. I was impressed by how over a decade later, in 20 minutes, she could offer great advice that spoke to the heart of my concerns as a teacher. Tina’s excellent listening skills helped me clarify what changes I wanted to make in how I structure my class. While this doesn’t fall exactly under performance training, I think that one of Tina’s strengths is to see situations holistically. Her questions about the small details of what happens when I enter the classroom were very helpful to me in thinking about how I want to improve how I structure my class.
— Melisa Spence Instructor at Girl Army Self Defense
I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Tina Delia via telephone, and I must say her listening skills are admirable! Being a newbie in front of the camera, Tina gracefully offered plenty of tips, and best practices to help me be at my best on camera. Her sincere encouragement, and attention to detail is priceless. Do yourself a favor, and allow Tina to help you achieve your wildest dreams, you will not be disappointed!
— George Nichols
I got the pleasure of working with Tina while casting a music video. I was impressed with her professionalism and her knowledge of the talent. The actors she brought to the casting call were ideal for the roles and her work with them in the audition help bring out their best. I look forward to working with Tina in the future.
— Carolyn Eidson Filmmaker, Director, Editor, Screenwriter & Actor
I have received acting coaching with Tina D’Elia for both my solo performance and audition coaching. She has a unique way of bringing out moments and helping me see possibilities of how a new moment can happen. She is easy to work with and instinctively knows how to help you become even better. She especially helped me with on camera technique and put me at ease. It was amazing to see the results! I highly recommend hiring Tina D’Elia Consulting. Tina is committed to bringing out the best in you.
— Patti Morse Actor & Solo Performer
When I hired Tina D’Elia to help me get ready for a video shoot I was about to do, I was so nervous. I am new to being on camera. Tina was so calm, and gave great direction without making me feel even more nervous. She was calm and walked me through each part of my script. Tina has since coached me on a variety of videos I have put up online. I recommend Tina for anybody that is looking for coaching for any video work yourself and your business on camera. The best money I have ever spent.
— Ace Morgan Founder and CEO at Ace Morgan Fitness